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Introducing The New Stanley LaBounty Hydraulic Tools MSD 4000 Mobile Shear


The New Stanley LaBounty Hydraulic Tools MSD 4000 Mobile Shear boasts the highest powerto‐ weight ratio than any other shear on the market, as well as:



  • Larger jaw size than competition, supplying greater capacity and increased production
  • Large bore cylinder, capable of 5,500 PSI / 380 bar, designed and built by Stanley LaBounty
  • Cycle time – 9 to12 seconds depending on base machine
  • Available in rotating and non‐rotating models, as well as in second and third member mount configurations

The MSD 4000, with an operating weight of 18,900 pounds, is the most powerful rotating shear of its size for use on a 100,000 pound (45 metric ton) available on the market today. “More than just another shear to fill the gap between the 3000 and the 4500,” says Karl Johnson, senior engineer at Stanley LaBounty, “we were after a design that delivers extra power for heavy‐duty processing. “

The MSD 4000 features high‐strength, abrasion‐resistant steel construction to assure long, uninterrupted service – even in the harshest conditions. The main pivot shaft of every model is manufactured for long life and pivots on Stanley LaBounty’s specially designed bearings. These shears are designed to draw the material into the jaws to the point where the shear force is greatest, making them the most efficient cutting tools possible.

The MSD 4000 can cut a wide variety of materials including I‐beams, H‐beams, channel iron, steel plate, pipe, round stock, wire, rebar, and concrete. It is ideal for scrap processing, demolition work, road and bridge reconstruction and jobs where torching is not feasible or possible.

Additional Features

  • Narrow stick body for better visibility
  • Updated swivel with grease transfer capability
  • Overall length boom pivot to tip 16 feet for superb reach
  • Built in Two Harbors, MN with the best globally supplied components

LaBounty has been producing attachments in Two Harbors, Minnesota, since 1973, and is a part of Stanley Hydraulic Tools‐‐‐a business unit of Stanley Black & Decker, a S&P 500 company.



Just released, the New Stanley LaBounty Hydraulic Tools MDP30R Mobile Demolition Processor


Two Harbors, Minn. (April 4, 2012) Stanley Hydraulic Tools announces the release of the new Stanley LaBounty MDP30R Mobile Demolition Processor with expanded machine applications, and an increased appetite of large raised concrete structures.

The second in the MDP line offered by Stanley LaBounty, the MDP30R incorporates all of their standard MDP features including a patent pending quick change jaw pivot, 360 degree powered rotation, reversed cylinder, and multiple machine mount capability.

The single cylinder attachment penetrates concrete with a crushing force of 160 tons while apex angled cutting blades slice and separate rebar as pulverized material then passes through the relief area on the upper and lower jaw.

With an operating weight of 7,800 lbs, MDP30R offers the highest power-to-weight ratios in its class. Reverse cylinder technology secures the cylinder rod in the stick body for protection from outside debris.

Material processing with the Stanley LaBounty MDP30R is fast, easy, and precise. It reaches ten feet, 6 inches, and a standard drive rotates 360 degrees continuously in either direction for accurate cutting and pulverizing at any angle.

Additional Features

  • Interchangeable jaws
  • Swift lock concrete cutting edges
  • Allows for multiple jaw options
  • Highest power to weight ratio
  • Best reach and working range
  • Apex blade design gathers material to the throat for greater cutting forces
  • Built in Two Harbors, MN with the best globally supplied components

LaBounty has been producing attachments in Two Harbors, Minnesota, since 1973, and is a part of Stanley Hydraulic Tools‐‐‐a business unit of Stanley Black & Decker, a S&P 500 company.



Introducing Stanley’s MB05 550 FT-LBS Breaker


Stanley continues to provide innovative, new solutions for your skid steer and mini excavator breaker needs.  The MB05 is full of new features to take the hassle out of your work, get the job done quickly, and keep performing for years of life. 




  • Increased blow rate for increased productivity
  • Hard hitting to get the job done
  • Increased flow range to work on a wide range of machines


  • The direct acting nitrogen design provides the most efficiency. 


  • 4 position skid steer bracket so you can always work at the correct angle for floors, walls and overhead
  • Decreased weight for increased stability
  • Since most of the wear occurs on the front and back of the tool bushing they can be rotated 90 degrees to increase life
  • Side plate bolts are protected from wear
  • The side plates wrap around the powercell to protect it from abrasive wear when working the tool
  • One side plated model ready to pin on to your excavator or you can bolt on your favorite quick attach custom bracket


  • Our breakers are made from durable long lasting materials
  • Only 2 moving parts
  • If contaminated oil harms the breaker it can be rebuilt at a low cost because of the sleeved design.  No need to through it away and buy new.  
  • Larger tool bit diameter to decrease breakage and increase service life


  • The common wear items like the tool bit and bushings can be changed with a Stanley Punch and Hammer


Stanley’s factory is located in Portland Oregon USA.


Click here for downloadable PDF Spec Sheet

Click here for downloadable PDF Spec Sheet (Spanish)

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NEW DS12 Utility Chain Saw


Stanley's New Utility Chain Saw is a revolutionary cutting method designed to change the way the job gets done. From ductile iron to plastic pipe, this chain saw will get you in and out of the job faster, easier and safer than other methods. Utilizing a brazed layer diamond coating on a durable chain chassis, this technology provides improved access with far less excavation in a confined space such as cutting water main pipe in a ditch. 

  • Improved operator safety
  • Reduced excavation
  • Reduced labor time
  • Reduced operator effort
  • Easy control while cutting
  • Single side access
  • Quiet and exhaust free hydraulic power
  • Reduces rotational inertia associated with abrasive blade cut-off saws
  • Operates in wet environment - i.e a flooded ditch

 Click here for downloadable PDF Spec Sheet



LaBounty recently introduced an automated, blade lubrication system which field testing proved to significantly reduce maintenance and enhance shearing performance. This new line of shears called the MSD Saber-Lube Series, will be presented at the National Demolition Association show in Nashville, March 26-29 and at the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) show in Las Vegas, April 2-6. Extensive Field Testing has shown to:

  • Double the blade life.
  • Cut build-up welding time on the affected jaw areas in half.
  • Reduce downtime by two weeks or more per year.
  • Convert blade friction to usable cutting power (increase up to 8%).
  • Less welding means less heat build up cycles, resulting in longer component life.
  • Reduced noise.
  • Easier removal of wear parts.
  • Smoother hydraulics. The overall cutting process is smoother, reducing shock loading throughout the shear and excavator.

The MSD Saber Lube Series incorporates all of the other key features of the MSD Saber
Series in addition to the patent pending lubrication system.

Click here to obtain an on-line brochure.

Stanley Hydraulic Tools plays role in Chinese Earthquake cleanup. Stanley Hydraulic Tools plays role in Chinese Earthquake cleanup.